Amazon’s Top 10 Prayer Journals, Ideas, and More!

Prayer Journals: Amazon's Top 10, Prayer Journal Ideas and more

Here’s Amazon’s Top 10 Prayer Journals, Ideas, and more:

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Why Keep a Prayer Journal?

If you are looking for a phenomenal way to give your faith a boost, look no further than prayer journaling. It’s truly amazing and affirming when you look back and see how many answered prayers there are. Some you may have even forgotten you prayed for! 

Seeing Answered Prayers

When I have journaled my prayers in the past, I was astonished at how many prayers were answered, and even more so, the ones that were not answered. When I say the ones that were not answered, I am referring to the prayers you pray, look back, and thank God he didn’t answer! Seeing all these answered prayers can be a huge faith booster.

Prayer Journal=Praise Time

Prayer journaling should be something exciting you look forward to devoting your time to; a time set aside for you to be with God. For you to listen to Him, praise Him, and speak to Him. It’s always a good idea to keep something close by to write with when reading scripture or praying so you can journal what the Holy Spirit is speaking to you at that moment.

Journaling is Great for Your Mind

Our minds stay so cluttered with distractions and ever-looming thoughts, that it can actually be a relief and release to write our thoughts down. Journaling, in general, is shown to have great benefits on your mental health and well-being. 

You may be wondering where and how you can get started. Or, what should I journal about in my prayer journal? 

Prayer Journal Topics and Tips

Here are some tips of what you can journal about in your prayer journal:

  1. Prayers
  2. Favorite Verses and Scriptures
  3. Meaningful Dreams
  4. Favorite Christian Song Verses
  5. Sunday Sermon Favorites
  6. Testimony

1. Prayers

Of course, you’ll have prayers in your prayer journal! I encourage you to date your prayer entries. Make it a point to go back a week, month, or even years later. You will be surprised at how many that were answered that you may have even forgotten about. Document your prayers and, as you are writing, use that moment to be with God. Write what you feel in that moment. 

Whether it be peace, sadness, or even frustration with a situation. Whatever you are feeling can sometimes tell you all you need to know about a situation. If you are unsettled about making a move, and after praying fervently about it still do not have peace, then maybe you have your answer. 

2. Favorite Verses and Scriptures

Next, you can research verses and scriptures that may coincide with your prayer or situation. Or, maybe you are feeling down and want to jot down your favorite uplifting verse with that prayer so you have encouragement when you look back at that prayer. Checking your prayer against God’s word is something that is good to do from time to time. Ensure that what you are praying for aligns with God’s will. 

If you are having a hard time praying, maybe your only entry that day is a verse or scripture that resonated with you. We all have those days. Don’t be hard on yourself if you feel like you are unable to pray. You can still spend time with God and meditate on His word. Sometimes that’s all you need to pull you out of your spiritual drought.

3. Meaningful Dreams

Meaningful dreams are good to document as well. God speaks to people in different ways, and I believe one of those is through dreams. But remember, sometimes dreams are only dreams and may not have a significant meaning behind them. If you have a bad dream, try not to let it instill fear in you. Sometimes dreams may serve as a warning though. Pray about it and give Him your cares and worries. In all ways allow Him to guide your path and you cannot go wrong!

4. Favorite Christian Song Verses

You know those days you are having a hard time and it seems the right Christian song comes on at the right time? Then, you begin to feel peace, and it’s a reassuring feeling God sees you, He hears you, and not to give up. 

When you get home maybe you want to jot down the lyrics in that song that spoke to you and moved you. It is as important to put these messages in your prayer journal during your good times, as it is in your bad, to stock your arsenal for the bad times. Remember, God is good all the time so don’t forget to give Him praise and worship during your bad times too!

5. Sunday Sermon Favorites

Another great idea for your prayer journal is to take notes of what moved you the most during your Sunday church service. If you aren’t a quick writer like me, most churches record their services. You can always write down the quick version if you cannot get it all, and pull it back up later to finish writing it. But, it’s important to write it at the moment as a moment passes and can be quickly forgotten. 

The more you yield to the Holy Spirit and His subtleties, the more you will learn to recognize God’s voice speaking to you. It is not going to be a loud audible voice always. It can be a simple nudge, feeling, or thought that you can’t seem to get away from. A good way to verify when you aren’t sure it’s the Holy Spirit is by knowing His word. If it’s something that goes against the word, it’s not the Holy Spirit. So be diligent and the enemy will not be able to deceive you!

6. Testimony

Journaling your testimony is a great way to get a lot off your chest and a way for you to refine it to share with others. Your testimony can be ongoing or everchanging, so you can always leave some pages to keep writing your story or continue part 2 on a different page. Maybe you aren’t ready to write your testimony yet. 

If you aren’t ready, journaling key takeaways from others’ testimonies that you feel like the Holy Spirit spoke to you through is a great way to work on your own. It can serve as encouragement as most testimonies we feel drawn to are ones similar to our own story. Everyone is refreshed by a good God story about how God took someone’s life from darkness to life!

Prayer Journal

Helpful Reminders:

This is a very short list of examples that you could write about in your prayer journal. Remember, it’s YOUR prayer journal. Let God guide you in how it should be. It does not have to emulate the ones you see online. Draw inspiration and encouragement from what you research, but ultimately allow God to guide you.

Stay Dedicated 

Stay dedicated to writing in your prayer journal. At first, it may be something you have to schedule by setting a specific date and time; but after a while, I hope it becomes a place of refuge and enjoyment to do. You can never go wrong spending more time with God. I think you will be amazed to see how your relationship grows with God by starting this small step.

Pick up where you leave off.

If you miss a few days here and there, that’s okay! Pick back up where you left off. It’s so important on the days you do not feel like doing it, you force yourself to. Those days are the days you need God most. Even though you may have to force yourself to at first, you will feel much better afterward. It’s kind of like going to the gym for a lot of people, it is a pain to get in the door, but once you get there and work out you feel so much better.

Stay True and Unique 

Let your journal be as unique as you are! Don’t feel the need to match it to others you see because it’s a lot like your walk with God, it’s going to be different than your neighbors. Everyone has their own testimony that brought them to the Lord and Savior. Those testimonies are what help other people in your same shoes. So do not be afraid to be you. Also, it is your journal! Be yourself and write what is in your heart. After all, it’s hard to look back and see how much has changed if you are cherry-picking what to put in and what to leave out. 

I hope this helps answer your questions and gives you ideas for your prayer journal!



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