God is Calling You to Change Your Life

God is Calling you to Change Your Life

God is Calling you to Change Your Life

Fleeting Pleasures of Sin Hebrews 11:25 Daily Bible Verse

Seeking the Pleasures of Sin
Do you walk in the darkness or the light? What thoughts control your mind? Do you find yourself giving way to sinful thoughts to the point that you have become a habitual sinner? Remember when you started your sin and the conviction was so strong, the guilt was overbearing and your conscience convicted you. You knew deep down what you were doing was wrong. But you allowed yourself to delight in the pleasures of sin. Slowly after only seeking the pleasures of sin, you silenced that small still voice alarming you that what you are doing is wrong.

Godly Sorrow

But, from time to time you will still get moments of convictions. When you live in sin your life will be full of chaos. You will struggle to find peace, true peace. The bible says if you resist the devil he must flee from you. Your mind can lead you to an abundant life or a devastating death. God is merciful to forgive those who come to him seeking forgiveness with Godly sorrow.

2 Corinthians 7:10 Daily Bible Verse

Path of Repentance

You must seek true forgiveness and repent. I feel often a mistake people make is they ask for forgiveness over and over, but do not follow the path of repentance. They do not turn from their wicked ways. Often giving way to the same thoughts that led to the actions of their sin. These thoughts have to be stopped the moment they enter your mind and cast down in the name of Jesus. Even entertaining these thoughts for a moment is dangerous and can lead you spiraling even further into the sin so you so longed to be free from.

God Offers a Way Out

You will notice patterns throughout the bible of mighty characters that struggled with their own battles. The bible says that the temptation in your life is no different than the temptation in someone else’s, but that God is faithful and he will always provide a way out. I’m sure you can think of a moment when you were about to sin and were given a way out. If you were strong enough to take that way out that is great, if not, then remember next time God will never allow you to be tempted more than you can bear.

1 Corinthians 10:13 Daily Bible Verse Floral Art
Struggles of this Life

Your temptation may not be the same as someone else, your sin may look different than someone else’s but you are no dirtier and they are not holier. Some may struggle with addictions, lust, adultery, and more. Even though their sin may seem worse or not as bad as yours, they still have the same struggle.

You reap what you sow

Unfortunately, when you sow sin, you will reap the consequences. Just like if you decide to drive drunk, you will reap the consequences when you get caught or end up in an accident injuring someone. Every action has consequences. But when you sow love, forgiveness, joy, and righteousness you will reap a harvest so abundantly.

Follower by Faith Quotes Love Forgiveness Joy Righteousness
I do what I don’t want to do

I resonate so much with a verse Paul says and it lingers in my mind because I have felt this many times in my life. He says that which I do not want to do, I do and that which I do want to do I don’t. You can see the strong internal struggle Paul had. He’s saying I don’t want to sin, but yet I continue to do so. In this example, he’s struggling with habitual sin. Habitual sin is dangerous and turns you into a prisoner of your own self.

Only Jesus Can Set You Free From Bondage

This is why we need a savior. We cannot fight temptation on our own. It is of our flesh to sin and without Jesus, as Lord and Savior of our lives, even willpower cannot make us change our ways. When you make Jesus Lord of your life, you will have the strength of the holy spirit. Only Jesus can set you free from the bondage of sin. If we could set ourselves free we would have done so already.

Romans 7:19 Daily Bible Verse

A Way Seeming Right Leading to Death

The bible says there is a way unto man that seems right that leads to death. We begin to justify our sins becoming self-righteous. When people say things like, well we have a loving and forgiving God and even though I sin I’m a good person and he will forgive me. This is one of the biggest deceptions of all.

Self-Serving God

That is creating a self-serving God and not accepting the true savior. You do not want to enter judgment day assuming because you feel you are a good person ,but sin, that God understands. Don’t allow yourself to be deceived. What better way of the enemy to cause you to have eternal damnation than to make you believe the lie that you have nothing to be saved from.

Proverbs 14:12 Seems Right Unto Man Leads to Death DAily Bible Verse

God of Today is God of Yesterday and Tomorrow

Often those who speak things like this believe that because the world is different today than biblical times that ‘God understands’. God is the same yesterday, today, tomorrow, and forever. It is written in the new testament we are to obey His commandments. Even though the Bible was written so long ago it still directly correlates with times today.

Don’t Follow Blindly The Teachings of Others

To believe the lie of the enemy is accepting death. I urge you so strongly to do your research. Read the bible yourself. Do not follow blindly the teachings of others. Those who live in sin will often justify their sin so they don’t have to feel guilt about it. So how can you change your ways and start living for God?

Hebrews 13:8 Daily Bible Verse God is the same always
Prayer of Repentance

Follow in the steps of David in Psalms with a prayer of repentance. Ask God to create within you a new heart and clean spirit, to blot out your transgressions and wash you of your iniquities and restore you to the joy of salvation. You must seek God wholeheartedly.

If you seek Him wholeheartedly, you will find Him

He says in His word if you seek him wholeheartedly you will find Him. Seeking Him wholeheartedly is taking everything within your heart, mind, and soul and devoting it to him. Reading his word, finding a bible-based church, daily prayer and meditation, and turning from your sinful nature.

Psalm 51 Daily Bible Verse God

No one is Perfect

This is not to say that your sinful nature won’t still be there. Believers make mistakes too but usually won’t continue making that same mistake. No one is perfect. Keep scripture with you always. Memorize it so you always have it in the bad times as well as the good.

Nourish your soul for the Rainy Days

People say stock up with memorizing daily scripture because you will need it to fight the enemy’s attacks on your weak days. Just as Jesus used scripture to defeat the devil when he was tempted by him in the desert. Every day you must die to yourself. Your selfish desires, your self-fulfilling sin, and pleasures. Remember that your sin was crucified on the cross with Jesus. That burden is no longer yours to bear. Thank God for that.

Jeremiah 29:13 Daily Bible Verse Seek God wholeheartedly

Is your Prayer Life only a Wishlist?

When you pray always give thanks first, if you are only going to God with a wishlist of what you want and not His will for your life then you are continuing to serve yourself and not God. Seek first the kingdom of God and God will delight you with the desires of your heart. This means putting Him and His kingdom above all of your wants. Learn to recognize the difference between what you think you need and what you need. If you or a loved one would like prayer I would love to help pray for you by submitting a prayer request here.

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