Have Patience with the Holy Spirit Devotional

The Road to Patience


With the way of the world today, we all need more patience. With the advancing of technology we more than ever are used to instant gratification. If things even take more than a couple of minutes we start to get impatient. I wanted to write this devotional on patience and give you some verses to use in those times.
Impatience has always been one of my weak spots, so I hope this helps you as much as it does me and know that I speak from my heart with what God has put on my heart. Every day we need to strive to be more Christ-like. Having patience is a major part of that.

Be Patient like Jesus  

Jesus is kind, patient, loving, merciful, and so much more. In one translation of Exodus, it says the Lord will fight for us that we only need to be still! If we are patient and wait in all situations God will fight for us.

Daily Bible Verse Exodus 14:14

Impatience could be referred to as a fruit of the ‘flesh’. When the Wi-fi isn’t working as quickly as we would like, when the drive-thru line takes double the time it usually does, or when there’s roadwork delaying your journey it often leads to impatience. Impatience often leads to frustration like in these situations. Because we aren’t patient during those moments we tend to get frustrated. We wonder what is taking so long or why things aren’t working right. In these moments, take a deep breath and lean into Jesus for peace and guidance.


It’s Not of the Flesh to Have Patience

Be present in the moment and just know that God is always in control, don’t give way to your emotions, instead lean into the patience that Jesus offers. It is not of the flesh to have patience and stay calm in these situations, that is why we have to lean into Jesus to keep our peace and pray. Over time speaking what His word tells us and taking a deep breath in prayer, we will be able to live a life of patience and peace.
In Romans, it calls us to be patient in trouble. No matter what troubles you are facing today or may face tomorrow, know that God has already conquered your demons. You have nothing to fear or to worry about for the future. Keep praying, stay steadfast in your faith, and remain patient knowing God has complete control over your story.

Daily Bible Verse Romans 12:12

Today more than ever I needed patience. Our air conditioner stopped working. Then, when a technician was on his way the power went out which would prevent him from working on it. Once the power came back on, a little while later the internet went out. Currently, our company has us working from home, so no internet, no work. I couldn’t help but laugh just because it was all so much.

Bible Verse Galations 5:22-23

This verse in Galatians is what came to mind when all that was transpiring. The Holy Spirit gave me patience and faithfulness after I stopped panicking and turned to Him. No matter what you are facing always go to Him. We can’t have peace or patience in moments of chaos through the flesh, but we can have it through the Holy Spirit that lives within us. Do you surrender your flesh to the Holy Spirit in times of weakness?
I pray today that you look to God for direction in everything you do. I ask that He directs your steps, that you allow His word to be a lamp unto your feet as His word tells us. Lord, help us to realize we already have the greatest warrior inside us as soon as we accepted you as our Lord and Savior. Thank you Lord that we no longer have to live by our flesh, but that the Holy Spirit lives through us blessing us with the fruits of the spirit.


Your life will get dramatically better when you allow the Holy Spirit to take over. Stop trying to take control. Stop trying to direct your own steps. Give it to God. Give it all to God. Let go of that heavy burden that you have been carrying way too long. Jesus is waiting to lift it from you and give you the life He’s called you to have. Experience patience, love, peace, gentleness, self-control, kindness, joy and more!

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