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The Importance of Being Honest

Be Honest Honestly, how honest are you? Did you know the average person lies between 3 and 10 times a day according to certain research? Although, some researchers list the numbers are even higher. When one lies, it is often with the intent to deceive. […]

30 Bible Readings on Finding Joy

Earlier this year I discovered a phenomenal study bible. It has some amazing reading plans I would love to share with you. This one is about finding joy. It has some great verses to help you understand the deeper meanings of life and things that […]

Peace: A 5-Day Devotional

We all need more peace. I hope everyone’s week is going well. Sometimes we need an uplifting daily devotional to help bring peace and balance to our lives. Today, I wanted to share a devotional from the Youversion Bible app I use that truly helped […]

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