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Daily Prayer for God’s Will

Daily Prayer for God’s Will Dear Lord, Thank you for always protecting me through life and for your never failing mercy and grace for my many mistakes. I pray today for your will in my life. Guide me in making decisions and help me to […]

Walking in Faith

Walking in Faith As mentioned in our post What is the True Meaning of Faith, the Oxford dictionary defines faith in one way as complete trust and confidence in someone or something. Walking in faith is complete trust and confidence in God and His will […]

Does God Require Us to Repent?

Does God Require us to Repent? Repentance is at the core of being truly saved and forgiven in your walk with Christ. Continuing reading the scripture to see how God requires us to repent. Repentance is an action, to change, and turn away from. You […]

The Importance of Being Honest

Be Honest Honestly, how honest are you? Did you know the average person lies between 3 and 10 times a day according to certain research? Although, some researchers list the numbers are even higher. When one lies, it is often with the intent to deceive. […]

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