Daily Prayer for Renewal of Your Mind

Daily Prayer for Renewal of Your Mind

Daily Prayer for Renewal of Your Mind

Dear Lord,

I am grateful for your boundless grace and plentiful mercy. I am aware that during my time on earth, I will encounter numerous trials and temptations. The only way I can face and overcome these challenges life brings is by a renewal of my mind.

I need a renewal of my mind daily. Only then will I be truly transformed in the way you call us to be. Please keep it at the forefront of my mind to spend time in prayer with you daily and immerse myself in your word.

I refuse to be distracted by any tactics the enemy may use to hinder me. I am aware that the enemy attempts to divert my attention while I’m trying to focus on the word and refresh my mind. Nonetheless, I know I can call upon your name to rebuke and resist these distractions.

Please assist me in eliminating any thoughts that do not align with Your teachings and word from my mind. Guide me in examining my thoughts and being mindful of what I allow myself to think about. I desire to hold every thought captive before You. (2 Corinthians 10:5)

Time for change. Renewal of the Mind

It’s not wise to let my mind wander freely because it can lead me astray and lead to sin. The enemy often starts tempting me with a single thought or suggestion, so I need to be vigilant and keep those thoughts captive before you. By renewing my mind daily, I can experience true transformation.

Guide me in fixing my thoughts on what is pleasing to you. Remove all thoughts that lead to sin, death, and destruction. I know this will not be easy and the enemy will throw all his tactics at me, but I will stand firm on Your Word combatting the enemy with Your Word. And, by utilizing the power you have given us in prayer.

In your holy name I pray,


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