Practice These 8 Ways To Overcome Anxiety With God


Conquer Your Anxiety

Struggling with anxiety is an ongoing battle you have to fight every day. I have struggled with anxiety since childhood. I can remember being in Kindergarten having anxiety attacks. I still struggle with anxiety and I feel God has allowed this to continue so I can help others as I can relate. To those who don’t suffer, they are incredibly blessed but do not understand the sometimes daily war that we wage inside. That we hide with a smile. There’s no quick fix for anxiety, but here are some helpful tips for those moments when you feel overwhelmed with anxiousness.

Read your Bible

It is so important to dive into His word. Go through and mark specific verses that speak to you at that moment to save for later. It can calm and soothe your soul. Although you may not feel like reading, I promise once you get in a habit of turning to God in those moments and getting in His word you will notice less and less of those anxious thoughts in those moments. It never hurts to reread the same verses, you will be surprised how differently they can speak to you at different points in your life.

Rethink Your Method

Remember that just because God used one method to get you through something the last time, doesn’t mean He will use the same method to get you through it this time. Never get too complacent in your ways that you forget to stay in His. Turning to Him in every moment of doubt. The enemy likes to hinder our spiritual and prayer life in these times. Whenever you feel hindered force yourself that much harder to pray. Whenever you feel like pulling away from God, work that much harder to pull closer to Him.

Recognize Oppression

As Christians, we do not face oppression for no reason. This oppression is usually a well-laid plan to have us fall away from God and back into a life of sin. Stay alert and recognize when you are facing oppression from the enemy. You may not realize how powerful your prayers are. Even if you are unable to muster the words for prayer, simply call upon the name of Jesus and allow the Holy Spirit to pray for you. God knows your heart, He knows your struggles, He knows you! There is nothing hidden from God. Take comfort in that.

Remember God LOVES you

You are always wanted, you are always loved and there is someone who knows everything about you and loves your flaws and all. When you feel alone and that no one understands what you are suffering through, take comfort knowing that God knows. He knows your every thought, every action, every fear and He will never leave or forsake you. So in those moments, don’t let anyone or anything try to take that away from you and convince you otherwise. Have faith and know the He is God and He is always with You.

Positive Affirmations

I titled this ways to conquer anxiety for a reason. Because it is a battle that you can conquer! You have to put up a fight. Don’t let it consume your life. Make a habit of speaking positive affirmations daily until it becomes part of your routine. Changing a mindset doesn’t happen overnight, but the sooner you start the closer you are to having a sound mind. When fearful thoughts begin to come to mind, speak out loud if you are able against that. Say God I know your word is true and I stand firm in your word. In 2 Timothy 1:7 you say: 

‘For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind’

 and I declare that over myself and my life!


Praying will help take your mind off your anxieties. Research some anxiety devotionals to keep handy. Check out the ‘Uplifting Devotionals’ tab and read this Anxiety Devotional I put together. Cast your cares on Him for He cares for you! There is a bible verse for every struggle and trial. That’s why it’s so important we know His word so we can declare the life He’s called for us to have. Spend time in prayer and strengthen your relationship with God daily. If you have to, set aside a specific time each day to speak to Him and meditate on His word and how to apply that to live a more joyful and carefree life.

Reach Out

Reach out to family or friends. Mental Health issues such as anxiety and depression thrive in silence. Call a family member or a friend to vent to and have pray with you. This can mean a lot in those times to have someone keep you grounded. But be sure that these are encouraging and uplifting conversations. Sometimes telling a story causing you to relive those emotions can do more harm than good. So maybe calling for support and touching on the subject surrounding may help more. For example, if you had a bad fight with your significant other, it may not be beneficial to relive all the nitty-gritty details. Instead, you can explain you had an upsetting disagreement and just need support and prayer on how to move forward in the most productive way.


Journaling is known for its therapeutic benefits. If you are one of those people who aren’t comfortable in sharing your private details with others or the deep struggles within your mind, journaling can be a wonderful outlet for you. Many studies have shown how effective it can be. It is a great way to get out all those worries and concerns crowding your headspace. Even if it’s taking 5 minutes of your day to quickly jot something down or having it at your nightstand to unload the day into, it can help to get it off your chest to keep you from dwelling on the negative. In doing this, you also can look back from time to time and see how much you’ve grown emotionally and spiritually. Alternatively, you can see what areas you may still struggle in and create a game plan to overcome those. Every day is a fresh and new opportunity to become a better you! Never let that go to waste.

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