A letter to the addict, homosexual, and judgmental Christian

Matthew 7 Daily Bible Verse

An open letter to the sinner. I do not judge you.

To the homosexual, the adulterer, the murderer, the liar, the addict, I do not judge you and I do not have hate in my heart for you. I love you and Jesus loves you. Although I do not judge you, there will come a day when God will judge you, as He will all of us. I do not speak to you in judgment because speaking to you in judgment comes from a place of hate. I speak to you in love, because Jesus loves the sinner. The only way that we can bring people to God is by showing them that Jesus lives within us.
Jesus didn’t stray away and throw stones at the sinner. Jesus went to the sinner with love to show them the truth and the way. So I come to you in love, to show you the truth and the way. I do not judge you because I know in your past that there is hurt. There is pain. There is abuse and many things that made you choose the lifestyle that you’ve chosen.

Romans 5:8 Daily Bible Verse Mountain Landscape colorful

Temporary Fulfillment

You seek fulfillment in things that are only temporary and in the end, lead to death, eternal death. Seek fulfillment in the one that will give you eternal life and you shall be fulfilled.
It does not mean that there will not be heartache or trouble but it means that you will always have someone there, the father that you never had, the mightiest warrior. He loves you more than anything in this world and all you have to do is call out to him. He leaves the 99 to find the one, you are not alone, you are loved. I do not want anyone living in sin thinking that Christians do not love you because we do love you. Jesus sent His only son to die for you. Imagine sacrificing your only loved one for a dirty sinner so that they may live. That’s agape love that we as humans cannot comprehend.

Proverbs 16:25 Daily Bible Verse Crossroads Judgment

We are called to minister and try to save you because we love you and when we stand in judgment day, we will stand in judgment for every person that we didn’t tell the truth and the word of God to. Because that could’ve saved you as it saved me.
More and more people are willing to speak up because they see the prophecies of the Bible being fulfilled. We see the end times near. I know some people have approached those living in sin in the wrong way. They have approached in judgment and disgust. Then, they wonder why that person never showed up in church, never read a Bible, and never turned to God. That person will stand in judgment for that. You should not have hate and Unforgiveness in your heart towards sinners, and if you do the Holy Spirit does not live within you. Whoever you do not forgive your heavenly father will not forgive you when you stand on judgment day. We all need forgiveness, but yet we do not want to give it.

Daily Bible Verse Matthew 6:14-15

Forgive, Don’t Judge

The Bible says that when coming in prayer, we should first forgive anyone we are holding a grudge against in Mark. What is so sad to me, is that when we mess up, we want forgiveness and we do not want our mistakes put on broadcast. But when someone else makes mistakes, we want to gossip about it, hold onto that anger, that bitterness, and hold that over their head for years to come. If that is you today, that is not godly and you need to pray for God to work on your heart to help you give forgiveness. If you carry that into judgment day, that will be held against you. Don’t allow someone else’s sin towards you cause you to not be forgiven. We are called to love everyone.
You know when you walk into a room and you see that one person that is just beaming with love? You were just drawn to them and they have that beautiful smile and you can just feel the Holy Spirit radiating from them? Those are the kinds of people that are going to bring others to God because they have the Holy Spirit within them. They have forgiveness. They do not judge. They have empathy for the person. They can feel where they came from. We need more people like that.

John 14:15 Daily Bible Verse You cannot force change through hate and judgment

We need more warriors on the battlefield because this is the end times. We need people fighting the spiritual warfare battle. But, we don’t need people fighting it in the wrong way and pushing more people into the arms of the devil. You never know how your interaction with someone could cause them to turn away from God for the rest of their life. All because they had that one angry, rude, and judgmental Christian that attacked them over their lifestyle instead of lending a helping hand. We do not have to condone someone else’s lifestyle to lead them to God. But we do not have to treat them like they have a disease. We will not ever reach anyone through hate.
The pastor at our church at Grace worded it beautifully saying that you can force change, but it won’t be the change that you want. But, change that comes from love and if you approach with love, you will get the change that you want. You cannot force someone to change out of hate. All you will do is turn that lost soul so far away from God that they will never want to come near a church or Christian ever again.

1 John 4:8 Daily Bible Verse Jesus died for the Sinners

You will make them bitter towards Christians. They will then seek out to attack Christians. It is so sad. I see so much on social media where someone living a lifestyle that’s not right according to the eyes of God will attack these Christians on their videos. It’s hard not to get angry when I see that, but at the same time I say that, I’m thinking who made them this way? Did someone attack them first? Putting them on the defense towards Christians to where every time they see something come up like that they immediately get upset and feel like they are being attacked.
I don’t view it as, “oh my gosh, how dare you attack a Christian. You’re going to pay for this”. It’s not a Christian godly way of thinking.
One way to respond to their hate comment is to say I’m so sorry for whatever you’ve been through to make you feel this way. I just want you to know that not all Christians are bad people and I love you and Jesus loves you regardless of how you feel at this moment and if you will call and seek out to God he will show you the Way. He sent His only son to die for you. I pray you will accept him as your Lord and Savior. You never know how that one comment can completely change their mind and viewpoint on religion and God! But imagine the opposite, what if I responded to him and I said, “you’re going to pay and go to hell for attacking these Christians. How dare you! You’re going to burn in the lake of fire and are going to hell!”.

Hate the Sin. Love the Sinner. Sign“You are the only Bible some people will ever read”

Do you see what I mean? You cannot attack someone for not believing in God. And for most Christians, there was a time or moment in their own lives that they questioned God. Imagine if at that moment if someone who was supposed to be a Christian did that to you and ripped you apart? And no that person should not link that Christian to God, but they do. They see it as you’re supposed to live like Jesus and if this how Jesus is I don’t want to love a Jesus like that.
You are the only Bible that some people will ever read.
Once again, you are the only Bible that someone will ever read! You have to live your life according to the Bible. We need to be Christlike, be forgiving, and to be loving. There is no need to judge people. Love your neighbor. Do not hate people and do not judge people. Bible says if you hate someone you’ve already committed murder within your heart. How would you feel on judgment day to be charged the same as someone who killed someone? Because that is murder and you have committed murder within your heart for hating someone just as you have committed adultery by looking at someone with lust in your heart.

1 John 3:15 Daily Bible Verse

Evaluate Your Heart

A lot of times we don’t want to speak on certain types of Sin because it makes us uncomfortable. But people do need to get uncomfortable. We don’t need to avoid one topic of the Bible because we’ve dealt with it and don’t want it brought up. Then, turn around and use another part of the Bible to attack someone with. The Bible is a whole book you cannot pick and choose which words you want to take with you and want to leave out. You cannot pick and choose which ones you want to judge someone else on, but not hold yourself to the same standards. That’s why so many Christians are referred to as hypocrites.
I see that so much. I see so many people lead astray, but whether those people are in church every single Sunday or not, the devil is working through them to turn people away from the Lord whether they realize it or not. You need to evaluate your heart and make sure that you are right with God. Ensure that you are living according to the Bible. You have to put on the armor of God every day. Every day if you are not speaking from the Bible, speaking truth, and speaking from love, do not speak it. If you are not speaking truth, speaking from the Bible, and speaking of love, don’t put it on social media.

Matthew 24:4 Daily Bible Verse You Lead 300,000 People Astray

There’s this one YouTube video I’ve Referenced before, I will link below, about this guy that had a vision on judgment day. He could hear one of the people being judged. He heard God say to her, “I’m not judging you for what you put on Facebook. But, I’m judging you for how other people received it. You lead 300,000 people astray, depart for me”. And, cast her into the lake of fire. What you post does matter, it absolutely matters. Also, what you post is usually there forever. Even if you put it up and delete it, likely someone has already screenshot it and sent it to someone else.
You should never post something when you were angry. Never attack anyone if you call yourself a Christian and a follower of Jesus. You should only speak love. I’m not saying you’re never going to get angry, but the Bible says be angry and do not sin. It is normal to feel anger. It normal to feel emotions, but just because we have those emotions does not mean that we have to sin. I know that is hard, believe me, but I know it is possible. If you love God, you will work towards that every day of your life. That way you can spend eternity in heaven, in paradise, with our loving and wonderful creator.

Ephesians 4:26-27 Daily Bible Verse

Align What Anyone Tells You to The Word of God

I truly hope that this touches someone because the Holy Spirit put this heavy on my heart. I know that someone needs to hear this today. I woke up this morning listening to several sermons and this topic hit hard because I see so much division in the world. Many times when I speak on or write, I go back and review and I’m just blown away knowing that is not coming from me. I know that that is what the Holy Spirit has put on my heart.
A big way that you can tell whether the Holy Spirit is within someone, or within a preacher, church, pastor, align what they do and say with the Bible. If anything is being taught does not go hand-in-hand with what the Bible says then that is not the word of God. That is why it is so important for you to read your Bible for you to know the word of God. If you do not know the word of God you can easily be misled and lead astray.

Matthew 24:11 Daily Bible VerseHold Yourself Accountable

We are each accountable for our own sins and our souls. Seek out the word for yourself so it’s not held against you. God will look at it as you had the Bible, you knew about it, you knew about my word, but you didn’t take or make the time to read it. So therefore you were led astray. Don’t let the most important thing, your soul, be led astray. Don’t spend eternity in damnation because you couldn’t make time to read the Bible when you can make time to watch YouTube or TikTok for hours.
I’m not saying that I do these things all the time. I am not perfect. I go back every time I write and allow it to speak to me as well. I know that I need to spend more time in the Bible. I know that I need to work on my anger. I can tell you almost everything that God puts on my heart to speak to you he has taken me through it first.

Isaiah 41:10 Daily Bible VerseGod is Love

I used to get so angry at God for the things that happened to me. For things I went through and why he let this happen. But, he didn’t let that happen. I chose to live a life of sin and got the consequences that came with it. He was merciful enough to forgive me and bring me out of it when I turned to him and sought out forgiveness. He helped me in a mighty way. We cannot blame God for things that happen when we choose to live a life of sin, and sometimes, things just happen.
Some things are just meant to be that way. God is not anything evil. God wants to save everyone. Like the person who passed away from cancer that you blame God for, you have no clue they could’ve been praying every night just to be home with Him. So, God took them and they are now at peace with no suffering so much better off than we are. Just because we want a person to stay around for our own selfish needs doesn’t mean that’s what’s best for them and their soul.

John 10:10 Daily Bible VerseSpiritual Warfare

God knows things that we do not and if we knew, I guarantee we would not hold it against God. I know that is hard for people who have gone through loss as I have. But believe me, God is not the enemy! If the devil can take your hurt from loss and make you blame God for the rest of your life, he just gained another soul in hell, He will have accomplished his mission. The devil comes to kill, steal and destroy; not God. But here on earth is the devil’s territory until judgment day.
There is major spiritual warfare. We need to be praying every day for our loved ones to come to God. For God to show you how to minister and what He puts it on your heart, you need to go for it! Don’t be ashamed and don’t be embarrassed. Because the Bible says if you deny me before the world, I will deny you before my father.
I used to be ashamed and embarrassed to speak about God and thought that I would be judged as a Jesus freak. I am so glad that I overcame that lie from the enemy. He was trying to hold me down. For every year he kept me in that mental state, that’s hundreds or thousands of people that I could’ve been reaching and helping.

Matthew 10:33 Daily Bible VerseSurround Yourself With Godly People

Finally, I started this blog and I wanted to give up so many times. And I’ve got discouraged many times. That’s why I’m thankful I have a godly husband who in times of discouragement would pray with me, encourage me, and let me know not to give up. Sometimes we all need that. That is why you need to surround yourself with godly people, true godly people. Not the ones that when you tell them about your calling and dream say, “I don’t think that’s for you. That just doesn’t seem right”.
Not everyone is going to understand you’re calling from God. Because it’s YOUR calling. Sometimes people don’t want you to succeed further than them. That’s why some people are in your life for just a season and that has to be OK. You are not here to please people. You are here to please God and that should always be your priority. You do not owe them an explanation. If that’s what God has put on your heart then fight for it no matter what anyone says.

Proverbs 13:20 Daily Bible VerseLet the Holy Spirit Shine through you

The devil will use people closest to you to keep you from fulfilling your destiny and calling. So if God has put something on your heart go for it! Live a life of mercy of love. Approach people with mercy and love. The same mercy and love that you want when you ask for forgiveness of your sins. Show people God through the Holy Spirit within you. I pray that you go forward today after reading this with a different point of view and I ask that you evaluate your heart.
Ask yourself and ask God to reveal to you if this is you. Do you attack people living in sin or a different lifestyle instead of loving them as Jesus does? I see it every day and those people are not of God and the spirit isn’t within them. God could still be working on them. But, it’s also our job as Christians to speak with other Christians who are not following according to the Bible. Because if not, that’s letting them be led astray by the enemy as well do not be afraid to speak up.

Psalms 139:23-24 Daily Bible VerseFulfill your Calling 

Sometimes I feel we are more afraid to speak up to a fellow Christian than someone living in sin. It hurts to be told the truth sometimes. But, if you come at someone with love and you pray about it seeking wisdom from God, there’s a big difference in that. Versus coming at someone with hate in your heart and them feeling like they are being attacked by what you’re saying. So I ask you to approach everyone in your life with love! Don’t be afraid to approach anyone God puts on your heart. Fulfill your destiny and your calling to The Lord Jesus Christ.

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