Things Addicts Wish Their Loved Ones Knew

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Pray for the Addict

Addicts long to be free. Free of their torment, their everlasting anguish, and pain. Addicts usually start by self-medicating their pain. Initially, they feel guilty for their actions, but as time goes on and they continue silencing that small still voice, God gives them over to their lustful desires. To be consumed in their sin as they choose. This is why it’s so important to pray for the addict that has hurt you as much as they hurt themselves.

Your Life Matters. Addiction

If Not You, Then Who?

If you will not love and pray for them, then who? Were you not once a sinner seeking forgiveness? Didn’t our loving and merciful God forgive you? Imagine the torment of the addict, feeling unloved, shamed, trapped in a never-ending cycle of death. They long to be free but do not know how. They’ve lost their freedom, their family, usually unstable to keep a job.

Here to Help the Addict

Addiction is not a Choice

Why would they want to stop unless someone shows them a better way? Be the light, be the love, wrap your arms around them as Jesus would. Show them there is another way. Most addicts live in a state of denial. That is right where the enemy wants them. How will they ever be free if they are believing the lies of the enemy that they are free, that their addiction is by choice?

Corinthians 10:13 Daily Bible Verse Addict and Addiction

Love the Addict

Then you, act out of hurt and try to get them to recognize their addiction by more harsh words and actions from your hurt. You would be surprised how the addict may respond to love! Not an enabler, but by loving the addict, guiding them in the right direction. It’s hard to attack someone so loving and caring towards you. Addicts are lonely and usually angry. Driving them further into addiction.

Support the Addict

Addicts are totally out of control

I read it once put as Addicts believe they can control their lives better than God can and in seeking control, addicts are totally out of control. “For we know that the law is spiritual, but I am carnal, sold under sin. For what I am doing, I do not understand. For what I will to do, that I do not practice; but what I hate, That I do.” Romans 7:14-15 Addiction only leads to death, destruction, and chaos.

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God longs to see the Addict set free

It may start as relief or a night of fun and it may take years, but eventually, you will lose everything. A double-minded person is unstable in everything they do. God longs to see the addict set free and to use their testimony for His glory. God hates to see the addict live in turmoil. Constantly waging war in their minds. I guarantee most addicts can be in their addiction and think 5 years back and see how far off they are from where they were.James 1:8 Daily Bible Verse Addict

Addiction Changes the Brain

Usually, the chaos is gradual so they don’t realize it. They may start as successful, surrounded by family and friends, to slowly losing everything they worked so hard to get. It’s not until someone is there to open their eyes and make them do some self-reflection that they may be able to see how far they’ve fallen. What makes it harder, addiction changes the brain. It’s not just a choice of will anymore.

If you Judge and Addict you have no time to love them

Slave to their Addiction

Their body is physically dependent on the substance they are relying on. Often they will experience severe withdrawal upon trying to quit leading to a relapse. They end up in a never-ending cycle of swearing they’ll never do it again and wanting to stop, to taking their substance of choice not even an hour later for relief. Then, they wake up and do the same thing over and over. A slave to their addiction.

Prisoner to Addiction

Most Addicts Self-Medicate Mental Illness

Words of hate to the addict will ring inside their head making them want to numb themselves again. A physician I see says that he believes all addicts suffer from some kind of untreated or undiagnosed mental illness. This is because of the strong stigma towards mental illness and seeking help.

Self Medicate Pills

When Addiction is No Longer by Choice

Especially for men, they are made to feel weak for seeking help and to hide their emotions. So remember when trying to help the addict that they are no longer continuing their addiction by choice, even if they feel like they are. They are trapped, waging war internally every day. They may seem cold and distant, but don’t think they don’t hear what you are saying and let that replay in their minds all night after you leave.

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God Will Set the Addict Free

Denial is the best tool of the devil. If he can make you believe there’s nothing wrong with you or what you are doing, you will continue living the way you are living. You won’t seek salvation or a savior to save you because you believe you have nothing to be saved from. If you cannot go even one month, or one day for most, without drinking or taking substances, you are addicted. God can and will set you free if you will seek Him.

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Take a Leap of Faith

But, He also will require effort on your part, a leap of faith. You first have to be willing to at least try and give up your substance. Depending on what substance you are dependent on, be sure to consult a physician as withdrawals from things like Benzo’s and alcohol can lead to seizures and death. They will be able to give you medication to help ease you more comfortably off your substance.

Help for Addicts

Even if you don’t have health insurance, there are lots of help and assistance for addicts. The best day to quit is now, otherwise, you may not live to see another day to have that option. Be free in your mind, soul, and spirit. Take a leap of faith and allow God to set you free. The bible says who the Son sets free is free indeed.

John 8:36 Daily Bible Verse Addict

Don’t Believe the Lies of the Enemy

Stop allowing the devil to deceive you. You do not need that substance, your brain is dependent and you may feel like you have to have it. but you don’t. Think back to a time when you were free of it. Of how long you lived just fine without it, don’t believe the enemies’ lies. Once you take that first step in coming off your substance, find a local church with a celebrate recovery program, get a sober companion or sponsor because the devil will still try to get you to relapse and you are going to need support.

Check out these beautiful Bibles here and Dive Deeper into the Life-Changing Message of God’s Word.

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Every Addict Longs to Be Free

These things thrive in silence. I know deep down every addict longs to be free but doesn’t see a way out. There is always a way out. Don’t fear the judgment of telling your friends or family. They will save your life. They may have mixed emotions at first of anger, resentment, and hurt, but no matter what they love you and want to see you live.

You are loved

Possibilities Are Endless

I think you will be surprised at how quickly your life will change for the better once you stop. You will be able to function again, your thinking will become clearer, you will be able to hold down a job, you’ll get your family and friends back; the possibilities are endless. Don’t let any more of your life be thrown away. We are here for such a short time. What you do in this short time determines where you will spend eternity.

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There is No One Size Fits All Recovery

Stop today, seek God, and be set free. God will take you places you thought you could never go. Remember that there is no right or wrong way to recovery. Some may be successful in the 12 step program, others may need medication-assisted treatment or intensive outpatient treatment. Others may need inpatient rehab and some may even be able to quit cold turkey. No matter which direction you take, don’t give up. There is not a one size fits all recovery plan.

Take Recovery One Step at a Time

Different things work for different people. Pray for God to show you which way you need to take and when He sets you free share your story and watch God take what was meant for your harm and turn it for good. You will go on to help others and save lives. What may seem so far away at the moment, only starts with a single step in the right direction. Don’t think too far ahead and get overwhelmed. Take it one moment at a time and before you know it you will be so far ahead you won’t believe how quickly you got there.

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You Can Choose. Have a Plan

The enemy wants you to think this is forever, that this is your life now, it’s not unless you CHOOSE to let it be. There will still be moments of weakness and cravings, so prepare for that. Have a game plan of what you are going to do. Whether it be to call a sober sponsor, go to the gym, read a book, pray and read the bible, etc. It’s so important to have a plan.churchYou are more than your diseaseYou are more than your diseaseYou Are More Than Your Addiction

Don’t think the enemy won’t try to throw things at you soon as you get sober to get you to fall back into your slavery to addiction and be back on a path of death. The bible says the enemy only comes to kill, steal and destroy. He wants to kill you, steal the freedom God has for you and destroy anything good in your life. I can’t promise it will be easy, but I can promise it will be worth it and will get easier the further you go if you put further trust in God.

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