Daily Prayer for a Christ-Centered Focus

Christ-Centered Daily Prayer

Daily Prayer for a Christ-Centered Focus

Dear Lord,
I come today not only asking for your help but to offer myself for whatever you need me to do. The world has so many distractions, and it’s too easy for my focus to get shifted to other things. I want to have a Christ-centered focus like Paul in Philippians. Everything Paul did was to bring glory to you. Every thought he had was to honor you.

I want this Christ-centered focus and heart. I’m placing all my confidence in you. I know that my human efforts will not save me. Help me to discard everything in my life just so I can truly know you. Paul says everything is worthless in comparison with the infinite value of knowing Jesus. He threw everything else away viewing it as garbage to gain Christ.

I want to throw away anything that displeases you. Anything around me, any thoughts within me, any words that come out of my mouth, or any actions that displease you, I want to be rid of them all; just to gain you.
Let nothing I am going through, or any circumstance I face, shift my focus. Direct all of my steps and guide me where you want me. May every thought I have be pleasing to you, and if it’s not, may I have the strength to hold it in captivity and cast it down in Your name.

I let go of any pride or conceit within me, that could hinder me from having a Christ-centered focus. I want to start each day, and end each day with you, taking everything to the cross before doing anything. May everything I do bring you honor and glory. Every word, every action, every thought; let me make a conscious effort to ensure it’s to further your Kingdom. I place you first in every part of my life.

No matter the circumstance, I will rejoice in you just like Paul through his many trials.


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