Daily Prayer for Mother’s Day

Mother's Day Prayer

Daily Prayer for Mother’s Day

Dear Lord,

I come to you today asking for protection for all the mother’s out there, including my own, and to give thanks for them. Not only mothers by blood, but for the women who fill that role for those who don’t have a mother in their lives. Thank you for blessing the world with beautiful and strong women that contribute so much to this world. 

I ask that you empower all mothers with strength in You and knowledge of your gospel to guide future generations to come. Moms have such a tough job. Typically long days at work, then even longer nights taking care of kids at home; they never stop. 

Give your bountiful grace and mercy to them as they do the hardest job out there. Ensure that they are equipped with your Holy Spirit so they have the strength to get through the days. Fill them with kindness and unconditional love to embrace their kids with. 

May all mothers enjoy all the days of being a mother and cherish how important of a job it is. Guide and comfort them in all of their struggles. The long nights with tears and fears as they worry over their children, may they feel your presence and be comforted by it. And yet the are days that are so hard, may they never forget the true blessings that come with being a mother. 

Bless all the mothers with wisdom and courage. Wisdom when they feel lost and hopeless to carry on knowing they can lean into You for direction. Courage and strength when they are so overwhelmed when they don’t think they can go on another day to know they can keep persevering confidently. 

May all the mother’s minds be renewed in You. I pray all the children follow your commandments and honor their mother and father. My hope is that they cherish and understand how much their mother does for them. A mother gives her whole heart to her kids, may that heart be protected and honored for all of her days. 

For the mothers who are no longer here, may we remember them fondly and all they sacrificed. I ask that you keep Your hand on all of the powerful women out there that took on one of the most important roles. Protect them at all costs and bless them now and always. I hope we all go on cherishing mother’s every day of the year, but especially today, Happy Mother’s Day

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