Learn to Have Faith and Rejoice in the Struggle


 God closes one door to open another.

I saw this beautiful picture of this red church door. It made me think of how often we get discouraged when a door closes that we wanted open. This door may be a promotion you’ve worked tirelessly for, a relationship you thought was going to last forever, or that new home you thought you would be in. You get the point.

God has a purpose and a plan for you.

At the time, we may be confused, sad or even angry. But, as we see God’s will start to unfold in our lives and we look back in 20/20 hindsight, we are usually thankful that door closed. When those unanswered prayers, turn out to actually be answered prayers. I’m sure you can think back to at least one occasion of where you were thankful God didn’t answer that prayer. God has a purpose and a plan for you. Even though you may struggle at times to see it.


What if you started to rejoice in your struggles? To be thankful for the hard times, as thankful as you are for the good. How much would that affect your day to day joy?

God is in Complete Control

If you thanked God for that traffic jam that caused you to be late for work. That terrible break up that crushed you, or not getting that promotion. Because what you didn’t know, is that God caused that traffic jam because someone fell asleep at the wheel and would have hit you crossing the intersection.

You didn’t realize, that significant other you thought was so great, would lead you down a path of destruction. That promotion would have made you complacent and caused you to miss this new opportunity you have now that is bigger than you ever imagined. This is where faith plays an important role. If you have faith that God is in complete control, you can learn to rejoice in the struggle.

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