Spiritual Spring Cleaning Checklist

Flower Spiritual Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spiritual Spring Cleaning Checklist: Is your soul worth more than $100?

Spring Letters and Flowers

It’s officially Spring! Something about the flowers blooming and the radiance of the sun shining that seems to bring us alive. There’s no doubt we have a powerful Creator when you breathe in the life all around you. If you take time to notice all of the intricate details, you will begin to see God in everything! I have some things regarding your soul, idols, and spiritual home that I want to talk about today. I hope this will give you something to think about.

Bible Scripture Cross and Glasses
Let Everything You Do Glorify God
Spring is a great time to not only do some cleaning around your home but some cleaning in your spiritual home. We should always strive to keep our minds and home clean of anything that doesn’t glorify God. It’s increasingly difficult to find entertainment these days that glorify God but there is some out there! Get rid of things that you know are not okay to be in your home.

Ouija Board Occult Object
Remove Idols and Occult Objects
The bible speaks against having occult objects or objects symbolizing other gods in your home. Things like ouija boards and tarot cards can open a doorway to let things in your home that shouldn’t be there as well. So I challenge you this Spring not only to clean but to cleanse your home of these things. Take a look around and see what you can do to make sure you get rid of anything old you have been holding onto that could be hindering your walk with God.

Worship and Praise at the Cross
If you aren’t for me, you are against me
Our God is a jealous God. You must not worship any other Gods before Him. He says in Matthew:

“He that is not with Me is against me, and he who does not gather with Me scatters.” Matthew 12:30

Another translation states, “Anyone who isn’t with me opposes me, and anyone who isn’t working with me is actually working against me.” So God makes it abundantly clear that if you aren’t with Him, you are against Him. That’s a scary thought to one who may be divided between the world and serving God. If you are in, you need to be all in. Fully dedicating yourself to Him. God speaks of how dangerous it is to stay in the middle. And as that verse makes clear, to God, there isn’t a middle.

Let it go letters

Don’t hang on to things that will drag you down
It seems as humans we love our money though. If we bought things before our walk with God, we may have hung onto them because of what we paid for it right? We don’t want to let our hard-earned money just be thrown away. I was listening to this amazing sermon that was discussing hanging onto occult or objects that don’t please God.

Money is a Case
How much is your soul worth?
The lady had been asked to remove items from her home when she got home but she didn’t want to. She felt it was a waste of money. She had stated that she had spent more than a few hundred dollars on occult items. His reply will forever stick with me if I’m ever in a position of questioning anything that could affect my soul. He said to her,
“How much is your soul worth?”

Dayspring Candace Cameron Sale

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Pink Clouds Sky Heaven

Eternity with our Creator
That is so powerful! Whether you spent $20, $100, $1000, or even more, do you consider that to be more than your soul? Is your soul worth more than $100 to you? When you put it into that perspective it makes you see that in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t seem too much to throw those things away now does it?! Your eternity with God is so much more important. Seeking His Kingdom first. Above money, above all else.

Jesus on a Cross on a Bible
Have you thought about your soul lately?
We may not think about our soul often, but we should. When you think about having to give an account for every thought, every idle word you’ve spoken, an account of all of your sins, it can be a scary thought. But, the fear could be good. It could show that you have a reverent fear of God. God says He is coming quickly. The things you do, say, and think matter.

What's Your Story Coffee
Are you leading people astray?
Be mindful of what you speak, especially to those who are impressionable. Make sure you aren’t leading people astray. Including what you post on social media. There’s an amazing testimony a man shares where he was given a vision of judgment day. I suggest you look it up if you haven’t seen it, it makes you think long and hard about your actions and how they affect others.

Jesus Christ Figure on Mountain
Depart from me, I never knew you.
He shares his testimony and mentions that he could hear God giving his judgment and telling many to depart from Him. Those would be the worst words to ever hear. To be permanently separated from our Creator. He mentions one part where God is telling this lady about how she had put something on Facebook, that he wasn’t judging her for the post. God said he was judging her on how other people received her post. That 300 thousand people were led astray from her post and that their blood was on her hands, before telling her to depart from Him.

Woman Holding Holy Bible
“You may be the only bible someone ever reads.”
How terrifying is that thought? I hope it gives you a lot to think about and maybe to share with those people that mindlessly post things to social media not realizing the impact it could have. You have the power to change someone’s life. Whether for the better or the worse depends on you. I hope that you pray and meditate about these things. You could be the only difference between someone knowing God, or them having to spend eternity without Him and their blood possibly being on your hands.


Use this Spring to do some cleaning! Clean out your house, your spiritual house, your social media, anything that could be holding you or someone else back from a precious relationship with God. It will help your relationship with God bloom beautifully along with all the lovely flowers that He has graced us with. Getting rid of things always feels good, getting rid of things that we shouldn’t have, should feel like a weight out of your home and a burden off of your soul.

If your struggle with doubt, pray with me by reading this devotional. Or, you may enjoy this Godly Self Care post.

In Summary Checklist:

  1. Remove Occult Objects and Idols
  2. Don’t hang onto items that drag you down
  3. Get rid of clothes or items that you haven’t used in years through donation
  4. Start with cleaning your small spaces, then work your way to the bigger ones (Small areas like your bathroom, bathroom closets, shelving areas, etc.) This way you can see progress and not feel overwhelmed tackling the bigger ones
  5. Let everything you do, and have, be for the glory of God!

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