Affordable and Free Fun Christian Date Ideas and Adventures

Affordable and Free Fun Christian Date Ideas and Adventures

Affordable and Free Fun Christian Date Ideas and Adventures

As a follower of Christ, sometimes we can feel it is hard to enjoy life with so many dirty things in the world. But there are many things you can do without compromising your beliefs. And they are tremendously fulfilling. I’ve compiled a list of dates for you and your significant other to try that me and mine adore. We’ve enjoyed these so much that we’ve just continued rotating through them at different places. I hope you and yours enjoy these date ideas as much as we have. Don’t forget to scrapbook your memories!


No better way to enjoy God’s beautiful creation and one on one time with your significant other than by taking a nice stroll through nature or seeing a waterfall. It has recently become our favorite pastime to explore new waterfalls every weekend. Most of the places we venture to do not have cell phone reception which is a bonus! This allows you to enjoy life and each other’s company without the distractions of the outside world. I always recommend for safety letting a loved one know where you are going and when you plan on returning so someone can look out for you!

Movie Night

There are some wonderful movies you can watch such as the Case for Christ, or tv show The Chosen. Grab some popcorn and get comfy with some clean entertainment! If you have a projector, consider an outdoor movie night. If you don’t have a screen, a white sheet can do the trick! It is more about the experience than the quality sometimes. Don’t get complacent. Switch it up and add some spice. Make these date ideas yours. Incorporate things you love that make it different.

Dinner Date

Find some nice romantic restaurants to surprise your significant other with. Don’t be afraid to try something different! There is so much in life to explore and worst case scenario you don’t like something, but at least you tried it. Some of my favorite dishes I have found in life came from stepping outside of my comfort zone. If you don’t feel like going out, find some great recipes to try together. My husband and I have this date night recipe book! It’s so fun to cook together. Even if you aren’t an experienced cook, the experience itself is enjoyable and will give you two a nice laugh. We recently tried out the most delicious Peach Cobbler recipe!

Mini Golf or Putt Putt

Mini golf is a nice way to see your significant other’s competitive side! It is fun to go one-on-one or bring the whole family. This is another favorite date for my husband and me. We keep the challenge going by regularly playing. It’s good and clean fun that gives us a laugh and keeps us entertained. We are all about enjoying clean fun together!

Coffee Shop Date

Wanting some God time and couple time? Find a local coffee shop and take your Bible or a couple’s devotional to delve into God’s word in a relaxing atmosphere. My husband and I frequent different cafes trying different drinks and just simply enjoying each other’s presence. It’s a great place to go if you are just wanting to get out of the house but aren’t looking to spend a lot of money on dinner. And did I mention the coffee aroma seeping through is just incredible! <3

Drive-Thru Safari or Zoo

We recently located a local drive-thru safari. Maybe not as exciting as a true African safari being in the states, but we had a fantastic time. We got to feed some free-range deer, horses, goats, and many more beautiful creatures. It was definitely an experience I will never forget. We will be going back soon. If you cannot find a local safari, look for a zoo or aquarium. It is fun to see God’s beautiful creatures together.

Lake or The Beach

If you live close to the beach, or a lake, get some blankets and your picnic basket ready! There’s something so soothing and romantic about having a waterside picnic with your significant other. And, it makes for some great photographs to look back on! I have this camera and it’s incredible for on-the-go memories. My favorite thing about it is you get what you get. It’s raw and real. There’s no editing it, you simply capture the beautiful memory in the moment.

Take a Drive

I love exploring different backroads. You’ll be surprised by the neat unique side stores on some of the backroads. Roll the windows down, play some of your favorite worship music, and just drive. Pick at least three places on the way to stop in and explore. Some of the best antique stores or boutiques I have discovered have been by complete accident. You’ll be amazed at what you find!

Bike Ride

Take a bike ride together! This is one my husband and I are looking forward to starting. We’ve been browsing bikes and have our eyes on a couple to start biking together. This is a great date idea to get started as it keeps you in good physical shape and gets those endorphins pumping. There are many bike trails now. Get that helmet on and get ready for a beautiful ride! Pack this backpack and stop and have a picnic on the way! It has got to be the coolest picnic backpack I have came across.

Horse Back Riding

This is another one of our favorites! We found a local stable that does guided tours through the mountains, and we had the time of our life. Our guide decided to yodel on the way, and it made it so memorable. We both got a great laugh and it’s one we will never forget. They also took great pictures of us together with the horses which I truly appreciated because I look back fondly at those. We had a wonderful time and cannot wait to go back. 

Don’t be afraid to try new things. You’ll never know your favorite things to do without venturing out of your comfort zone. I’m nearing 30 and I feel as if I am just now starting to live and see what all of God’s green Earth has to offer. Don’t wait to get started living your life and enjoying nature. There are many adventures to be had that allow you to spend time with your significant other and God. What are you waiting for? Plan your next date adventure today!

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