Daily Prayer for Overcoming Rejection

Daily Prayer for Overcoming Rejection

Daily Prayer for Overcoming Rejection

Dear Lord,

I come to you today seeking help in overcoming rejection and coping with the feelings that come with it. I have heard it said that “Rejection is God’s protection”. Help me to accept the things that are not meant to be, and to rejoice in the face of rejection. It takes a lot of trust in You, Your Will, and Your plan for my life to rejoice when handling rejection. Help me to see that this rejection is a blessing in disguise. 

Please aid me in accepting that certain things are not meant to be and help me find joy even in the face of rejection. It can be difficult to trust in Your plan for my life, but I know that with Your guidance, I can find peace and happiness even in the most challenging situations.

I know that You are good and that Your plans are for me to prosper. Whatever the enemy meant for evil, You will turn it around for my good. Knowing that, I can rejoice, cause if it is not good, then You are not finished! My identity being rooted in You means I can face rejection and come out unscathed. I am thankful having a strong foundation in You allows me to endure rejection without being harmed.

Overcome Rejection with these daily bible verses Jeremiah 29:11, Romans 8:28, Genesis 50:20

I am confident that placing my complete trust in You will bring about unimaginable outcomes. With Your divine vision of my life’s plan, I humbly ask for Your guidance and to alleviate any anxieties I may have. I pray for You to protect me from the enemy’s attempts to undermine my faith in Your plan.

I am grateful for what you have in store for me as it surpasses any plans I could have made for myself. My entire identity will be based on you instead of by the world’s standards. I will not let the world or rejections define me. You are my creator, and you affirm that I am made wonderfully and with utmost care. I receive the blessings You have on the way to me and thank you for those blessings! 

It is in Your Holy name I pray,


“God, You taught me trust; You showed me how to believe. You’re the author and the finisher of what You start in me. So I’m not gonna doubt it, I’m gonna hold on to peace  ‘Cause If I have You and nothing else I still have everything. 

But if I never see the promise on this side of the grave My hope might be shaken, but my faith will never break. Because I know the day is coming when You’ll right all of the wrong. I’ll praise You in the waiting, and my faith will stay strong.”

Danny Gokey

The Root of Rejection: Escape the Bondage of Rejection and Experience the Freedom of God’s Acceptance

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