Our Incredible Faithfest Experience that Renewed My Faith

Faithfest Experience

Our Incredible Faithfest Experience that Renewed My Faith

My husband and I went to Faithfest in North Carolina this past weekend. Let me tell you it was incredible! My soul and spirit needed it so much. Seeing the sea of thousands of people praising and worshipping together renewed my faith in humanity in the purest way. It gave me a tiny glimpse of how glorious Heaven is going to be when we all get to worship our Savior.

One of the artists performing confirmed what I have been feeling lately. The news and social media tries to tell us we are alone. But actually, there are millions out there that still believe and are going strong! We are not alone like the enemy wants to make us think. If you like me have been discouraged with the state of the world lately and are feeling alone as a Christian, then I suggest you go to the nearest faith festival, Christian concert, or conference. It is the renewal your soul needs.

We the Messengers and Jason Crabb

All of the performers were incredible, but one of the artists that made such an impact was “We Are Messengers”. Wow, just wow. He knows how to spread some light and love into the crowd. He performed with such joy we loved every moment of it. We unfortunately had to leave after his set was finished and missed the last two artists. But it was the best note to end on. The lead singer made it such a fun event and we had a blast. Praising God should be fun! Dance, lift your arms in joy, and shout so loud the Angels hear your praise, and the enemy cowers!

It’s a nice reminder to have that fellowship and praise Jesus together. Jason Crabb was the first performer out and boy, he set the stage. He has one of the most anointed voices I have ever heard. It is so powerful and effortless. When he opens his mouth that anointing on his voice pours out. It’s paired perfectly with the most humble and uplifting personality. The love of God just radiates and overflows from him.

Who You Surround Yourself with Matters!

I know if I surrounded myself with more people like him my life would be very different. It makes a difference who you put in your inner circle and the events you participate in. If you need nourishment for your weary soul, I highly recommend checking out one of his next performances. Even if it’s out of town, go check it out! We’ll take a plane trip to go on vacation, but don’t want to drive a state over to do something good for our souls. Make the trip, I promise you won’t regret it!

When I Met Jason Crabb

I initially met Jason Crabb about 9 years ago in my hometown in Virginia. When I met him, I was at the lowest low of my life. I was trapped and enslaved in bondage; Lost and searching to fulfill my weary soul with everything the world had to offer. I had never heard much of him before and a family I hold dear took me during my struggle to give me some Godly encouragement.

When he sang Through the Fire God truly spoke to me through it. Even now so many years later I still listen to that when I face temptations from the past. Now 9 years later I got to meet him redeemed through Jesus, free from the bondage the enemy had me in, and found after so many years of being lost. It was an incredible moment seeing God’s plan and how much He’s changed my life come full circle. God is so good.

Meeting Jason Crabb at Faithfest

I Thought I Knew God

See I had grown up in church. Because of this, I thought I knew God. This is a common misconception among so many still. Because Christianity is so widespread, and some of our beliefs are known, people think they know our God. But they don’t, and I didn’t.

I ran so far to fill the void in my soul trying to seek fulfillment in anything. But nothing worked. If you wonder why millionaires end up committing suicide, it’s because they think if they just reach a certain point, they will finally be fulfilled. They try drugs, money, sex, and more. Finally, when nothing works, they commit suicide.

The God of the Bible

Oh, but if only they would try God! And not the God who the world tries to tell you He is. But the God of the Bible. The God of hope, love, and strength. The God that destroys every stronghold, tears down every wall, and breaks every chain. 

See we were intricately designed, fearfully, and wonderfully made. We can never be fulfilled without our creator. That missing piece can only be filled with God. It’s like a puzzle. Only one piece fits just right. God is the missing puzzle piece in your soul and any worldly thing can never fit that void.

It may work for a little while, but eventually, you will go back to feeling empty and onto the next thing. Get to know God for yourself. He is incredible in ways man cannot explain and that you yourself just have to experience. Going to these Christian concerts and faith-based festivals is one of my favorite things. Feeling God move through the crowd; It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed. 🙂

If you don’t already have tickets for next years Faithfest in North Carolina, check them out here!

“Good Morning Mercy!”

You guys have got to listen to Jason Crabb’s new song “Good Morning Mercy“. God brings you across the encouragement you have been needing at just the right time. I have lost count of how many times I have replayed this song to help get me through the day! Go bless your Christian artist with a follow and download your favorite song. These artists need our support more than ever. Share it with a friend, drop a like and a comment, it goes further than you realize!

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