60 Awe-Inspiring Prayer Journal Ideas and Prompts

Prayer Journal Ideas and Prompts 60 Awe-Inspiring

60 Awe-Inspiring Prayer Journal Ideas and Prompts

Some prayer journals have ideas and prompts, others are for you to take creative direction, or maybe you have made your own. But, some days we can be lacking ideas and inspiration. You may be asking yourself, what should I write in my prayer journal? Here are some ideas and prompts to get you started. If you want to look into some amazing prayer journals check out Amazon’s Top Prayer Journals

Prayer Journal Inspiration

Some of the prayers below are linked back to our daily prayers that come out every Sunday. Feel free to draw inspiration from those if you get stuck on how to word or write your prayer in your prayer journal. Remember, it doesn’t have to be like others you’ve seen. Make it your own! Whether that’s long, short, detailed, or however you want it. These are your prayers between you and God to strengthen and grow your relationship with Him

Pray: Pray-Repent-Ask-Yield

Spending time in prayer is so important and having a prayer journal helps you to stay dedicated and motivated. Use these and get creative! You can also use the acronym for pray, which is Pray, Repent, Ask, and Yield as a guideline. You could write your prayer, repent for your sins, ask for what you need in His name, and yield to Him and His word.

Have some journal prompts of your own? Leave them below in the comments!

  1. What do I desire for my life and how does it coincide with God’s desire for my life?
  2. What am I thankful for?
  3. What prayers have been answered this year?
  4. Prayer for your co-workers
  5. Prayer for your family members
  6. Prayer for a fruit of the spirit you are lacking
  7. Your worries and concerns 
  8. A fear that’s been holding you back
  9. Lord, I confess….
  10. A love letter to Jesus
  11. A Biblical truth you are lacking
  12. Prayer for healing
  13. Prayer for wisdom
  14. Prayer for peace
  15. Prayer for when you feel overwhelmed
  16. Prayer for when you feel hurt
  17. Prayer for gratitude
  18. Prayer for patience
  19. Prayer for Discernment
  20. Prayer for emotional pain
  21. Prayer for a grateful Heart
  22. Prayer for Lust
  23. Prayer for Loneliness
  24. Prayer for Guilt
  25. Prayer for anxiety
  26. Prayer for forgiveness 
  27. The attributes of God
  28. Describe ways in which the Lord speaks to you
  29. A poem of God’s Love
  30. Prayer to be a good influence on others
  31. An area in your life that needs victory
  32. Something you want God to know
  33. What makes you angry or bitter? And, what God says about it.
  34. Lord, create in me a clean heart…
  35. Lord, I need…
  36. Lord, lead me to the right….
  37. Lord, bless my relationships…
  38. Lord, I need to trust you with…
  39. Lord, I need your help making a decision about…
  40. Lord, please help ______ that needs your salvation and…
  41. Lord, help me to do better with…
  42. Lord, guide me to fulfill your will in these areas of my life…
  43. Lord, help me to understand…
  44. Lord, bless me with…
  45. Lord, I am thankful that you say I am…
  46. Lord, I am sorry for…
  47. Lord, please teach me…
  48. Father, help _______ with their addiction…
  49. Father, help these people come to You and find salvation…
  50. Father, help me to give up…
  51. Father, please remove these things from my life…
  52. Father, please help me in these areas of my job…
  53. Father, help me to forgive…
  54. Father, reveal to me…
  55. Father, Your word says You are…
  56. Lord, help me to overcome…
  57. Father, help me to surrender these fears…
  58. Your favorite Bible verse and how it speaks to you
  59. Father, help me to create these daily habits to feel closer to you…
  60. Father, bless our family with…

I hope you enjoyed these Prayer Journal Prompts and ideas! If you didn’t already, check out the top prayer journals with Amazon here. I’ve listed a few additional Prayer Journals and prompts that I’ve discovered since creating that list. They are truly delightful and packed with inspiration.

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